E-Commerce Retargeting Made Easy

YeahTargeter solves user acquisition problems through big data, machine learning and AI. Using advanced targeting techniques, YeahTargeter personalizes how creative is displayed on media channels, including mobile Internet, social sites and video platform, to maximize your ROI.

How It Works – Easy as 1-2-3

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Locate your target audience in the vast sea of Internet, mobile Internet, social media, and video platforms.

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Real-time Bidding

Modularized, real-time, high-frequency and automated bidding, winning target customers.

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Personalized Creative

Display the most relevant product messaging to your target audience to drive repeat visits.

Machine Learning & Automation

YeahTargeter is the first AI-powered mobile marketing system that enables guaranteed ROI for global clients.

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Create the most relevant campaign with personalized ads based on the real-time intent

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Automatically optimizes each and every campaign

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Updating operation and optimization strategies through campaign performance

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Select product with the highest potential using algorithm and big data, and match it with the most suitable media channel

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Yeahmobi filter fraudulent traffic using proprietary anti-fraud tech, based on massive data drawn from daily operation

Our Strategy

Programmed to learn from manual campaign management, optimized through machine learning


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