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2020欧洲杯直播平台WP Diamonds provides an exceptionally fast and secure service for you to sell Rolex watches with complete confidence. We buy all kinds of Rolex timepieces for competitive prices: modern and vintage, men’s and women’s. Whether you choose the convenience of selling online or prefer an in-person appointment at our New York offices, WP Diamonds make the process quick and easy. Rated as A+ by the Better Business Bureau, we can pay you in as little as 24 hours. We pride ourselves on offering honest prices and unparalleled customer service.

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2020欧洲杯直播平台Sell Rolex Watches Online or via Appointment in NYC to a Trusted Buyer

How to get a price for your Rolex

Click our “Get Your Offer” button to start the process. You’ll be asked to describe the condition of your watch as well as whether or not you have the box and papers (and their condition). The more information you give us, the more accurate the price estimate that we can give you.

WP Diamonds only buys genuine and authenticated timepieces. Our experts examine all items to identify counterfeit and stolen watches before making an offer.

How to Get the Best Price for Your Rolex When You Sell Online

  1. Keep the box and papers – Always keep the original Rolex watch box, packaging, receipt for purchase, and any other relevant documentation. These will increase resale value. Rolex is the most counterfeited watch brand in the world and buyers will want anything that proves the provenance of the piece.
  2. Store the watch in a box: A Rolex is tough, but we still recommend proper storage to minimize signs of wear and tear. All other factors being equal, a watch in pristine condition will command a better price than the same model that shows signs of wear.
  3. Have the watch serviced regularly: Consult an authorized Rolex dealer for recommended dates of service—even if your watch is running well, you’ll want to make sure it stays that way. Use only a service provider authorized by Rolex and keep all the paperwork—it will add to your watch’s resale value.
  4. Keep all bracelet links: If you have the bracelet of your watch modified, keep the original links and include them in the sale.
  5. Take good photos: The better your photos—including photos of the box and papers—the more accurate an estimate we can give.

How to Sell Rolex Watches


2020欧洲杯直播平台We buy all authentic Rolex models—vintage and new—including:

A History Of Excellence

Founded in London in 1905, the brand that was renamed Rolex in 1908 had already begun to specialize in technically innovative wristwatches by the time it relocated to Geneva in 1919. In 1926, Rolex developed the Oyster, the world’s first waterproof wristwatch and, in the following years, would go on to patent its Perpetual movement (1931), the first self-winding wrist chronometer (1945), the first divers’ watch that stayed waterproof to a depth of 100 meters (1953), and innovations including the Day-Date (1956), the first watch to spell out both day and date on the dial. Today, Rolex models—from the Oyster Perpetual to the Cellini—command high resale value. Discover what your Rolex watch is worth by clicking the Get Your Offer button to receive an initial quote.


Made for Adventure

Rolex has been worn by the best-known explorers and athletes of our times. To promote its waterproof properties, Mercedes Gleitze wore a Rolex Oyster when she swam the English channel in 1927. Edmund Hillary wore an Oyster when he conquered Mount Everest in 1953. Today, the company , while its roster of includes legendary names ranging from mountaineer Ed Veisturs to endurance swimmer Lewis Pugh, along with golfer Tiger Woods, race car driver Jackie Stewart, and tennis champion Roger Federer.

Leading Name In Watches

All are handmade in Switzerland with the finest : 950 platinum (refined on the factory premises), 18K gold (also refined at the company’s in-house foundry), internally flawless gems (set by specially trained gem setters), and Oystersteel (a 904L alloy equivalent to the alloys used in the aerospace industry). Before it leaves the factory, each and every Rolex is also pressure-tested to determine that there are no air leaks in the case.

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The WP Diamonds expert valuation team has over 150 years of experience in the watch, diamond and designer jewelry industry. We provide a professional and fair valuation of your Rolex timepiece. Our process ensures that you get will receive cash in your account in the quickest time possible.

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2020欧洲杯直播平台We trust our insurers and Brinks to transport your diamonds. We send you a free, fully insured FedEx overnight label. This is a free service that we offer you for your peace of mind. WP Diamonds always open your packages on video to make sure that both you and your diamonds are protected. We take the safety of your items seriously, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts should you have any questions.

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