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Looking to sell diamond rings? As a leading online diamond buyer, we offer a fast and safe way to sell diamond rings online or via appointment for the best prices. With an A+ BBB rating and hundreds of customer reviews, we ensure a professional and pain-free way to sell diamond rings in as little as 24 hours.

2020欧洲杯直播平台While pawnbrokers, local jewelers, and some online buyers often do not have the necessary experience or market knowledge to offer a fair price; our experts have 150 years of combined experience in the diamond jewelry market.

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2020欧洲杯直播平台Sell diamond rings, any style purchased, cash advanced usually within 24 hours from accepting our offer


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Why sell a diamond ring to WP Diamonds?

How to sell a diamond ring online?

What types of diamond ring can I sell?

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Why Sell Diamond Rings To WP Diamonds?

Selecting the right buyer to sell your diamond ring2020欧洲杯直播平台 to is not the easiest task as there are many poor choices to be made in the marketplace. WP Diamonds has taken a different approach to the experience with speed and simplicity at the heart of our offering.

2020欧洲杯直播平台So why sell your diamond ring to WP Diamonds?

  1. Reputable Buyer: WP Diamonds is a trusted diamond buyer. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and are members of the exclusive American Gem Society and other trade bodies. Established in 2012, we have traded over $100mm to date and worked with hundreds of thousands of customers around the world.
  2. International Business: We are a global business and have personnel and operations across the Americas, Europe and Asia. This results in extremely competitive pricing.
  3. Fast: Our process can take as little as 24 hours. We have streamlined the selling process to allow you to receive funds as quickly as possible.
  4. Sell Online or via Appointment: We offer the convenience of selling diamond rings online or via appointment. Appointments the USA, UK and Hong Kong at our modern, secure offices.
  5. Free: We take no fees and our selling process is free of charge. There are no hidden extras when dealing with WP Diamonds. We offer free overnight, fully insured shipping that you can track every step of the way. And free returns should you not accept our offer.
  6. Diamond Experts: It pays to sell your diamond jewelry to the experts. Our team of GIA trained gemologists  can accurately grade and price your diamond rings, designer jewelry or luxury watches.
  7. Customer Service: We pride ourselves on offering the very best of customer service. You will work with one customer service representative throughout the entire process who can answer all of your diamond selling related questions.
  8. Secure: The safety of your diamond ring is of upmost importance to use. That is why offer fully insured shipping and packages are always opened on camera for your safety.
  9. Transparency: Our process is designed to be as transparent and honest as possible. We provide honest price quotes based on the information provided and there are no hidden costs deducted from your offer. We believe that it is both in your interest and ours to give price ranges that are truly reflective of what your diamond ring is worth.

2020欧洲杯直播平台Sell your pieces of jewelry quickly, easily and for the best prices with WP Diamonds.

How To Sell Diamond Rings

How to sell diamonds ring online?

2020欧洲杯直播平台Selling diamond rings online is simple, discreet and stress free. If you select a trustworthy online buyer, it should be more reliable than local options (such as jewelry stores or pawn shops) without the need to travel. Sell instantly in an appointment or in as little as 24 hours when you sell online to WP Diamonds.

How to sell diamond rings online:

  1. Fill out the online form, the more details provided the more accurate we can be
  2. We will call or email your initial valuation
  3. We will fully insure and pay for shipment via FedEx or setup an appointment for you
  4. The client management team will contact you with the results of the evaluation and a final offer
  5. Payment can be received within 24 hours for wires or we can send you a check

What types of Diamond Rings can you sell?

2020欧洲杯直播平台WP Diamonds buys a comprehensive range of diamonds rings. Your ring can contain one or many diamonds. Our team will place a value on your rings and make you an offer. We buy:

  1. Engagement rings
  2. Solitaire rings
  3. Wedding rings
  4. Eternity rings 
  5. Designer rings


We also buy designer jewelry, luxury watches and a wide range of diamond jewelry. And for those looking to upgrade their diamond ring, we offer an upgrade program2020欧洲杯直播平台 whereby you have the option of receiving a higher offer in the form of store credit. When inquiring, simply let us know that you would be interested in upgrading your diamond ring.

How much is my diamond ring worth?

Diamonds are complex items to value and require expert gemological knowledge. Diamonds have 20 principal aspects that govern their value. The main factors that will affect how much your diamond ring is worth includes:

  1. Certificates: Are the diamonds in your ring certified? Certificates can be variable in their quality and this will affect your initial estimate.
  2. Condition of the Diamond: Are there any chips or abrasions? If so the price will be affected.
  3. Price Originally Purchased for: The amount of money you get vs the price you paid will depend largely what kind of bargain you got when it was originally purchased.
  4. Market Conditions: Are the diamonds sought after and in fashion? Is the styling of your ring in fashion? Market demand for your type of ring will affect value.
  5. The 4 C’s: color grade, clarity grade, cut grade and carat weight form the basis of establishing the quality of a diamond and its value. Diamond color grades range from D (highest quality color) – Z (lowest quality color), while cut grades range from IF (Internally Flawless) -I 3 (Included). Cut grade only applies to round diamonds and ranges from Excellent to Poor. And finally, the higher the carat weight, the more valuable the diamond is.


Where to find this information:

The 4 C’s of your diamond can be found on most diamond grading reports, such as a GIA certificate. WP Diamonds also buys non-certified rings and we are one of the very few companies in the world that will buy all diamonds of any color and clarity, in any condition, as long as they are over 0.50ct for round diamonds and over 0.75ct for fancy shapes.

2020欧洲杯直播平台Our team of world class experts at WP Diamonds have a vast network of buyers and sellers that enable us to offer extremely competitive pricing.  Our process is extremely simple and straightforward.


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