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The Leading Data-Driven Monetization Platform for Mobile Apps

Lightweight SDK

Powerful, yet lightweight, our SDK won't take too much space on your app.

Intelligent Technology

Deliver highly-targeted ads that match the interests of your user base with our predictive and precise audience matching algorithms.

Premium Demand

Ensure the highest fill rates and eCPMs for your inventory with our global high-quality advertiser network.

Customized Services

Receive support from a dedicated team of mobile experts committed to providing strategic guidance and 24/7 coverage.

All Popular Ad Formats

Rewarded Video

Video ad format that allow users to earn in-app rewards in exchange for watching a video

Video Ad

Customize ads that match the look and feel of your app feel, seamlessly

Dynamic Interstitial

Rich, interactive ads that are best placed when there is a natural break in your app flow

Native Ad

Customize ads that match the look and feel of your app feel seamlessly

Cloudmobi SDK- 1


The most universal ad format that is simple to integrate and great for awareness

Cloudmobi SDK- 2

App Wall

A selection of sponsored apps that allow users to discover and install apps relevant to their interests

Cloudmobi SDK- 3





How Cloudmobi SDK Works

1. Create Your Ad Placement

Contact us to open your SDK account, to launch and manage ad placement on your own.

2. Integrate Cloudmobi SDK

We'll provide you with a detailed?operation guide, paving your way for monetization.

3. Start Earning

Keep track of your earnings through our?powerful reporting system.