Yeahmobi strives to provide a diverse and dynamic global work environment. We invite exceptional talent with a passion for building a more connected world to join our team!


Yeahmobi provides an extensive care plan for our employees. We care for our employee’s well-being, as well as their career development.

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Big Data Engineer

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R&D center

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1. Proven ability on programming. Excellent knowledge of Java, scala, Python, Shell. Good command of jvm, web development.
2. Perfect master of Linux operation system.
3. 4+ years experience in web development. Profound knowledge of Java EE mainstream open-source framework, such as Spring MVC, or iBatis.
4. Profound knowledge on databases, including mysql, mongoDB, redis.
5. Profound knowledge on current leading big data applications, including but not limited to Hadoop, storm, spark, hbase.
6. Good knowledge on flume and distribution system kafka.
7. Experience on developing enterprise data program preferred.

Senior Java Programmer

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R&D center

Careers- 8



1. Help build up owner module or system. Envision system features, and execute with group.

2. Recommends system solutions for modules, designs and performance.


1. Expert Java programming skills. Perfect master of Linux operation system. Experience in web development, and know cryptographic algorithm.

2. 3+ years experience in Java programming. Profound knowledge of Java EE mainstream open-source framework, such as Spring MVC, or iBatis.

3. Good comprehension on enterprise application design, good modeling ability, and good command of abstract modeling.

4. Experience on development of distributed system. Familiar with core technology like message-oriented middleware, and remote procedure call. Experience on developing large-scaled, high-capacity, high performance and high availability system preferred.

5. Experience on developing trade system or payment system preferred.

6. Experience on developing big data system preferred.